Government Innovation: Articles and Blogs

There is certainly no dearth of ideas and opinions on government innovation on the web. So here is a big list of interesting pieces.

White House Creates Office Of Innovation

A Vision for Innovation, Growth, and Quality Jobs: The White House

What Government Innovations Have Proven to Work?

Reinventing Government: A Fifth-Year Report Card

Governance and Government Transformation: Private Lessons for the Public Sector

Government Journal: Government Transformation: HP Enterprise

Positive Transformation of Government

The Government Transformation

Government Transformation Overview: Cisco

GLOBAL INNOVATION British Innovation Policy Lessons for the United States

President Obama to Request $50 Million to Identify and Expand Effective, Innovative Non-Profits

Time For a National Innovation Policy. McCain And Obama Need To Get Real.

Innovation Policy Agenda to 2020 (Australia)

Transformation in the Federal Sector

The Government Transformation Blogspot

Succeeding at open-source innovation: An interview with Mozilla’s Mitchell Baker

6 Trends Transforming Government

How Can Government Spark Innovation: Business Week, Innovation of the Week

Open Innovation in Goverment

Government Innovation Around the World (pdf)

A Formula for Innovation in Government

Transforming Government Through Collaborative Innovation.

Light My Fire: Fast Company Innovation Techniques

Obama Jobs “Brainstorm” an “Old Snow” Effort: Gregg Fraley on Government Brainstorming

Driving Change: Go Big or Go Home Forget incremental improvement, create a team focused solely on change.

Government Innovation and Cooperation Board

Frontiers of Innovation Conference: Celebrating 20 Years of Innovation in Government

Eight Imperatives for Leaders in a Networked World: Use IT for Strategic Innovation

Findings of the Workshop on Innovation and Quality

Government Innovation around the World

Impact, Transformation, and Quality of Life

Meeting the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) through Innovation

1993 Report: From Red Tape to Results: Creating a Government that Works Better and Costs Less By Al Gore

Government Intervention or Innovation?

Innovate on Purpose

Government and Innovation


~ by Shane on December 11, 2009.

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